DJ Warship

  • Wedding Deejay
  • Corporate Events Deejay
  • Events Consultant

DJ Warship.
Forever Grateful.

Born on 2nd august 1994, joseph Mugo A.K.A DJ Warship is a perfect example of a dreamer who is living the dream. Upon joining high school, he realised he had a passion for music. Unsure of precisely what he really wanted to pursue, he tried rapping all through his high school life which didn’t work out as expected.

After attending a leavers’ bash concert and seeing the love deejays would get from the crowd, he was finally convinced that that was what he’s heart beat for and subsequently joined a DJ academy where he was swindled of his fees, crushing his hopes to join the music industry yet again. But what didn’t kill him made him stronger.

Two years down the line, he sought to gift himself a DJ controller just to give deejaying his last shot, and that was the beginning of a rather insightful and favoured journey into the entertainment mogul he is now. Four years down the line, he has managed to cut out a name for himself in fast rising competitive deejay scene while mentoring others altogether.

My Skills

Wedding Deejaying
Corporate Deejaying
Events Consultation
Deejaying Tutor

Why Choose Me?


Undertaking tasks with the future in mind.


Over 4 years worth of skills and experience.

Perfect Equipment

Ultra modern equipment.


Full client involvement in the entire entertainment/ learning process.


Punctual and impeccable service delivery.


Always there when needed.